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MathematiX - VIIIth Standard

(Xth Standard - sample chapters on Mensuration and Linear equations in one variable released)

(Maharastra S.S.C. Board)

  1. This site is an attempt to get students to THINK!! i.e. students are to go through the lessons, and make their own notes, in how they understand the chapter, and attempt the quizzes(do go through the README file to understand the course).
  2. All content - lessons, examples and quizzes - are original, and not copied from any source!!
  3. The course is strongly aligned to the subjects being taught in a certain school in Mumbai. Because of this, not all the chapters are visible to the user - these will be rolled out as and when the school teaches them.
  4. This site requires Internet Explorer 6+MathPlayer or Mozilla/Firefox/Netscape 7+

Your details shall be verified (we donot want spammers and unassociated persons to take advantage, of what is due to a student!!) , and after verification, you shall be granted access.

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